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  • Throwdown at the Campground is an OUTDOOR​ ​EVENT​, no refunds or exchanges.

  • Event details, line up and/ or set times are subject to change, so please check back with us prior to the event for the all the latest maps and information.

  • No weapons or firearms of any kind.

  • No drones.

  • No professional video cameras and/or audio recording devices in the performance areas

  • Doors will open at 12:00pm on Thursday June 6, 2024.

  • No scalping or reselling of tickets allowed, no unauthorized sales of any kind are allowed.

  • ID and credit card used for purchase will be required at the time of Will Call pickup.

  • Everyone and everything (including vehicles) are subject to search at entry points.

  • Upon entry into the campgrounds your vehicle will be checked for the appropriate vehicle pass. Parking attendants will also verify that each patron within the vehicle has the appropriate wristband or pass.

  • The festival is not responsible for any lost or stolen items, damage or theft to vehicles or vehicle contents. Please make sure valuables are out of sight and secure your vehicle and campsite when it is left unattended.


Will I be able to camp next to friends or reserve a spot?

If your friends arrive after you, they may not be able to camp next to you as spots are on a first come first serve basis appropriate for your package. Please arrive together if you plan on camping together as long as you have both choose the same type of camping packages.


Can my band play or may I DJ the Throwdown?

We do not accept unsolicited artist submissions. They will not be opened or listened to. This is the only way we can keep things fair. We will contact you if you if interested. Thank you for understanding.


Can my band play or may I DJ at my campsite?

No. Be kind to your neighbors. If you have to plug it in (i.e. an amp), leave it at home.

What about weather?

Throwdown at the Campground has partnered with the leader in weather tracking, Radar Omega. Being an outdoor event, you can rest assured that the safety of our Throwdown family is priority number one.  Should a weather-related emergency present itself, we will make decisions that are in the best interest of guests and staff. Announcements will be made via main stage or on the website. 

While we are in the entertainment business, our wish is to offer the safest Throwdown experience we possibly can. If a weather emergency does in fact occur, please foilow the instructions given by our camp staff. 

We encourage you to download Weather Omega on your Android or Apple devices for not only The Throwdown, but for your regular daily routines as well. It is worth it.

Is an RV slip or camping included with my paid admission?

Yes as long as you have full weekend packages. Day passes do not include overnight accommodations. 

How many people can I have staying at my site?

Up to six (6) people allowed per campsite. Exception may be made for larger RV’s. Contact guest services to get that approved ahead of time. 


Can I bring a golf cart or ATV?

Personal golf carts are allowed, but no ATVs or other unlicensed motorized vehicles permitted on the festival grounds. Drivers of carts that exhibit unsafe practices will not only have their cart privileges immediately revoked, have to buy a round for everyone attending and issue a public apology in the form of song from the main stage. 


Is there WIFI available?



How is cell coverage?

All standard cell phone carrier signal is relatively strong on the campgrounds. You will be able to update your status and make sure that everyone is jealous that you are at the Throwdown and they aren’t. 


Can I drive on the campground?

Cars, Trucks and Vans are NOT allowed in the camp and RV areas for the safety of our Throwdown family. All cars, trucks and vans will be parked in a nearby parking area. Exceptions are only made for vans or trucks are are outfitted for camping and motorcycles. 

Camp roads and walkways are reserved for you to walk freely with drink in hand without worrying about being run over. 5 mph golf cart speed limit will be strictly enforced.


I like to party and even fight for the right to, but will I be able to sleep?

Quiet hours are 3am-7am DAILY. You don’t have to go to sleep, but be mindful of those that are. 


Is there food available onsite?

Absolutely! We will have a revolving menu available daily for all your between set cravings!


Can I bring alcoholic beverages onto the campground?

Due to local laws and regulations, alcohol cannot be brought onto the festival grounds. After having your age verified, you will be wristbanded. Then, you may purchase alcohol onsite. Bars will serve single beer, wine and mixed drinks. Drink Packages WILL be available. More info on that coming soon. Drinking age is 21+. Sharing any alcoholic beverage with a minor will NOT be tolerated and will be dealt with by local authorities. No exceptions. 


How will check in happen when we arrive?

We will be implementing strict parking pass procedures and a streamlined check-in process. While checking in your vehicle, it is important that all your guests exit the vehicle and have a dope dance routine worked out so they may entertain those waiting behind you. Have this worked out ahead of time. In all seriousness, when driving in on Thursday, check our social feeds regularly. We will be updating pages about traffic and if it is backed up so you may avoid getting stuck in line. 


Safety is our number one priority and failure by any guest to cooperate with festival parking and security teams will result in dismissal from the campgrounds.


Are there shower facilities?

For your convenience, we have shower facilities and porta-potties within the festival grounds. There will be trash receptacles throughout as well, please use them. By helping to keep our cleaning costs low, we can invest those dollars back into the overall Throwdown party!


What about those fools that try to sneak into the festival?

Anyone caught sneaking onto the festival grounds without a ticket will be forced to wear a diaper and Wham T-Shirt and clean the portable restrooms until the end of the festival. That or we will simply hand you over to the local authorities because sneaking into a ticketed event is in fact stealing. Don’t try it because we you will be caught. 

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